Kan een Lightsaber door Laminanium snijden?


Kan een lichtzwaard door Laminanium knippen?

Het Wikia-artikel lijkt daar niet op in te gaan, het zegt alleen dat Jedi's nieuwe wapenrusting (Jedi-expeditionaire pak) er in latere EU / Legends-romans van is gemaakt.

Uiteraard is een antwoord van EU / Legends OK.

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Ja, maar met moeite.

Van de serie Legacy of the Force van Troy Denning, boek 6 pagina 21 ( nadruk van mij):

Ben ignited his lightsaber then rolled to his feet, Force-sprang to the droid’s side, and swung at its cannon arm. The laminanium was so strong that his first strike cut only halfway through. The Guardian spun toward him, its other arm coming around like a club, its fingers spraying flechettes in random directions.

Ben stepped after the cannon arm and swung again, using the Force to guide his blow. He felt his lightsaber sink into the same cut as before and slice through, then turned toward the other arm and attacked the flechette-spraying hand at the wrist.

En van The Swarm War , ook van Troy Denning:

Luke had no choice but to block with his blade, and no place to block but the forearm. Raynar's lightsaber went spinning off, still securely in the grasp of his three-fingered hand, and caught one of Luke's bugcrunchers squarely in the back. The weapon sliced through six centimeters of laminanium armor before the severed forearm flew free. The blade deactivated, and the hilt disappeared into the tangle of death and destruction at the droid's feet.

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Laminanium-iron alloy plaiting can withstand blaster fire, and a single glancing blow from a lightsaber.

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